Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Well I had a wonderful weekend in the mountains making beads. It was a luxury to be able to concentrate on nothing but glass. I sat down at the torch on Saturday at 9:30, and next thing I knew it was 9:00 at night. I will be posting some of the work as time permits. I was the designated teacher on Friday, and the class was great. I think I learned as much as some of the students. Teaching forces you to examine your work and give justification for the methods and outcomes of your labor. The final assignment was to combine my methods with the students previous methods and merge them into something new. It was wonderful to see the growth of everyone. The wheels were really turning in our heads.

I did learn that Chattanooga is a really long way from Richmond. I also learned that the mountains are a wasteland for really good radio stations. I also learned that Chattanooga is a pretty cool town, not the small southern city that I pictured.


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