Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long overdue....... 2011's first post

A lot of action has been going on around the studio. Starting in December, I set out a new business plan. Mainly it is to be in the studio on certain days, every week, and create a thriving Etsy store.

It seems to be working, I now spend Monday through Wednesday in the studio, Thursday I teach at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond Va., and Fridays can be a studio or a computer day. As of right now there are about 140 items in the Etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/pearsonglass?ref=si_shop ). Items are moving on a regular basis, keeping me on my toes.

The studio time has paid off. I have been able to begin exploring some new bead and marble ideas. I feel that the work so far this year is some of my best ever.

This new schedule does have some drawbacks. I am actually a little sore form all the bench time. My yoga mat is getting used a lot, as I stretch away the day’s kinks every night. I can highly recommend a little stretching to all my fellow lampworkers; we are not getting any younger. The other drawback is less travelling and teaching. I do miss the interaction I get when I go to another city for a few days and work with other artists. I always learn something, no matter what the skill level of the class is. I decided to spend this year working on my own art, something had to give, and it was travelling. Hopefully when I get back to teaching, I will have a whole new bag of tricks to share.

Here are a few marbles from the last week, these all feature the new matching stands. I plan to have a lot of fun with the stands. The ideas keep flowing in.

Thanks everybody, take a look at the Etsy store and let me know what you think of the new work.



Christine said...

Hi Brad, I really love that first marble! So very cool. Your shop is wonderful -- I really really love your style and hope to take your class at the Visual Arts Center soon. Being a self-taught lampworker definitely has it's limits! :)

Anita + Elias Schwegler-Juen said...

.... Beautiful & distinctive Pearson =) Best regards from Switzerland, Elias & Anita