Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Welcome to the Brad Pearson weblog. As many of you who are reading this know, I am a glassbead maker. It is a pretty small field in the art world. I started off as a glassblower. Over the years my work became smaller and more intricate. Moving to beads as a format was a logical progression in my work. This page will be the place to catch up on the events of my career and some of the more noteworthy aspects of my life. I will keep you up to date on new ideas and series as they unfold.

Currently I am getting used to being the stay at home parent again. Working as a full time artist and managing two munchkins is not an easy task.I have not been to bed before 1:00 AM in a few weeks. This would not be so bad if I was not handed a newly fed and ready to play 5 month old at 7:00 AM every morning as the other half heads off to work. By the time I get him back to sleep, I hear the inevitable " IM AWAKE" from the other room. Its off to breakfast and morning caffeine. Sometime around 8:00 PM I will finally make it back down to the studio to start all over again.

I am off to the studio for a few minutes of peace during the one time of day that both naps line up.


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