Thursday, October 16, 2003

Well I am still working on getting the website up and running. My Dad is doing most of the hard work, I get to just say how things should look.

Last night in the studio, I continued the work on my new Idoleyes series.

It usually takes twenty or thirty pieces to get settled into to the direction of a new series. I have to find a balance between the swirling eyes looking mystical and downright busy. There always seems to be a fine line that is easily crossed into chaos. A good friend of mine always said , "working with glass is like cutting hair.... You have to know when to stop!" At least last night went better than the previous. After working 1 hour on a single bead I ended up with a piece of crud and a nice little burn. That was one experiment that did not work!!

For those of you who want to see the work in person, my next show will be in Richmond at the intergalactic bead festival the first weekend in November.

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