Saturday, October 18, 2003

Well it is after midnight on a Friday night. You never realize how much life will change when you have children. 4 years ago I would have been out and about. Now I am enjoying a quiet house, getting some work done. My three year old reminded me that " Halloween is getting very close to our house now". For some reason that struck me as funny. One little secret of having kids is that holidays get to more fun as the kids get involved. A couple of nights ago we made Halloween sugar cookies. By my daughters reaction you would have thought that I had just spent a year handbuilding her the coolest present in the world. My normally sassy little girl was replaced by the sweet 2 year old that I used to know.

As soon as we put away the shorts and got out the pants for colder weather she has been convinced that it will snow soon. So all of you in the south , this is your warning! According to Avera it will snow tomorrow. It is funny that no matter how many times it does not snow, she does not get discouraged in her meteorological aspirations.

Later, I am off to finish formatting this weeks auctions. Keep your eyes out for them on Saturday, there are some great winestoppers for x-mas presents.

Brad Pearson

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